Blue Exit

by Abide.n



Verse 1: blue it's time to exit, out the body/ see I got a date with joy tonight, I'll meet her in the hotel lobby/ it's probably best that we go our separate ways / you've been hanging around for to many long days/ shades of blue , who would've knew my favourite hue/ could transform into , a distorted view/ and I'd be absorbing it like an iced cold brew/ I was enticed by the way you massaged my hair dew/ but you put this life on pause / like a dandelion in the wind I've been tossed/ blew off my decoration till I wore thin/ now I got to be sober I'm over your manipulation / had a grip on me like plasticine but at last I'm seeing don't have to live half a dream/ tackling rainbows is painful/ I know life isn't always pretty colours, but that can change though.

rise again, rise again, you don't have to pretend, yesterday is gone with the wind , so get back up , rise again, rise again rise again , you don't have to pretend, today's a new day to begin, so get back up , rise again.

verse 2:
Blue leave me alone I'm just trying to go to work/ and it takes this body to work to put out a body of work/ for now my pants tuck in a blue collared shirt/and if I never untuck it , somehow I'll find its perk/ flirt with no one else blue, or should I call you sapphire, I admit I still a bit admire , your complexion but not the way you come sketching drawing up the blueprints to our lives like we are less then/ im next in line waiting for incineration cause all I want is a blue flame of inspiration/ I've wasted time wallowing inside/ now can I walk a righteous path following God/ it's not broad so I don't applaud dividing my devotion/ not even s kiss I write this with emotion/ your deep like the ocean navy/ but you'll never have my baby cause I'm letting back hope in .

chorus repeats


released March 15, 2017
written by : abide.n / Ben Vlasveld

Beat Production by: Rel Mcoy

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: Brad Dion of No Filler Words Productions

Live flute by: abide.n



all rights reserved


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