Gold Wings (These Colours Aren't Clear) - abide​.​n

by No Filler Words Productions



This track is one of many in a series called "These Colours Aren't Clear". The Artist Abide.n is recording and release others of this series at different local studio's in our city.


Gold Wings ( lyrics)

( sample) Hey Dad! I'm going Pro!

Verse one: It all started with some raps / performing in summer camps / in the living room working on that running man dance/ as years went by I came back to the B-Boy stance/ in Nathan's front yard on the cardboard with Hans/ and the Yeo Brothers/ one breaker one move/ in my wind breaker with tearaways to groove/ if it wasn't that it was dribble , pass , shoot/ used to scribble down lyrics late nights in my room/ went from words on a page / to serve them on stage / to two emcees and one D.J reflecting light/ but it's tough when times get heavy / when I've wanted to lift off but felt clipped off on every, feather/ is it better to keep dreams small? In adult-land cause these giants stand so tall/ but defiance is not rocket science/ its reliance, trusting on wings when you fall.

chorus: Child they want to clip your wings / make you do different things/ but you were meant to soar / through the hurts and pains/ can't ignore this feeling inside/ this feeling is God given you were meant to fly.

Verse two:
Now your on a ledge is this suicidal? Cause your about to fledge/ you die to be alive so/ can we defy gravity? And blast off to the outer limits of this galaxy? Instilled in these veins we need that something/ that won't quit till this heart stops pumping/ like once when we were kids just a bed sheet/ could make us fly away/ refuel a deadbeat/ with lead feet , when they say that you can't speak, you cant leap , you can't touch the rim, you can't reach ,your goal/ who stole your ambition to touch the sky?/ just rush that lie and trust the gust will supply/ you only fail if you don't at least give this a try/ so don't let these dreams get deceased and die/ that's why it's not about Hip Hop it's about not letting those wings get chopped/ you gotta fall into your call to rise up!

(Chorus repeats)

Hey , don't ever let somebody tell you you can't do something, you got a dream you got to protect it, they can't do something themselves they want tell you can't do it, you want something go get it... Period.


released January 24, 2016
Artist: Benjamin Vlasveld - abide.n

Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Brad Dion @ NFWP



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