Lighten Up - DP The Mercenary

by David Paul - DP The Mercenary



DP's underlining tone is a heart that desires to see revival outside of the conventional four walls and it is through a vivid depiction of what is vastly seen and represented on the surface of what our Christianity culture is today. It could be taken as shots fired but it should stir up an awakening rather than an assumption of bias judgment and handled with an understanding of the frustration that comes with observing those who are in the four walls taking lightly what God isn't taking lightly and taking serious what God does take serious. If you are listening to this and you are judging DP's representation and motives then you need to examine your own heart before responding by taking shots because this music is thought provocative and only those with ears of corn and heads of lettuce will understand. It is my desire for you to know that this will land on some hearts and harden them but they were not good hearts for the seed to land on and this will also land on ready hearts and cause self examination and repentance. The Truth is a profound thing. The same truth that lands on one ear and causes change for good can land on another ear and cause change for the bad. The same Sun that hardens clay melts wax. Peace. - Brad Dion


released February 29, 2016
Instrumental By: Jarvie Lopez
Produced By: No Filler Words Productions



all rights reserved


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